Safe filtration in battery production

Highly efficient filtration technologies are indispensable in the battery life cycle when it comes to handling bulk materials, powders or particulate products. And primarily where filter systems are integrated into the respective process, the focus is on aspects such as easy cleanability, contamination-free recovery and chemical resistance in addition to high separation performance.

Herding® filter systems meet these highest requirements and also feature temperature resistance of up to 450°C, unique durability and safe handling. Even the finest particle fractions are reliably separated based on pure surface filtration. Extremely low clean gas values, consistent operating conditions and maximum availability and energy efficiency are the key features of this innovative technology.

Long service life

Constant operating conditions

Energy efficiency due to low cleaning pressure

Lowest clean gas values from primary filter stage on

Resistant to chemicals

Compact design

Operational safety due to rigid filter matrix

Pure recovery through fiber-free filter medium


Sustainable filtration for all areas

Pure product recovery, easy and complete cleaning options and maximum separation performance are essential quality requirements for filter systems in raw material extraction and battery production through to battery recycling. Even the slightest impurities in the product can often lead to entire production batches having to be discarded with considerable losses. In addition, even the slightest contamination in the ambient air of production facilities can have health effects on employees. Herding® filter technology enables maximum availability and safe plant operation in almost all processes that generate particulate emissions.

Production processes

  • Milling
  • Drying
  • Conveying
  • Granulating
  • Bagging / Packing
  • Screening / Classifying / Sifting
  • Dosing / Weighing
  • Mixing / Blending
  • Silo venting
  • Working place extraction


Herding Filter Technology – pure productivity

Sustainable Filtration – „made in Germany“

From the filter medium to the fully installed filter system, the production chain begins with filter media production and ends with final assembly. The vertical range of manufacture in Germany ensures an extremely high standard of quality and the greatest possible flexibility for our customers worldwide.

On the basis of a well-planned modular principle, a variety of system types are realized, which are individually tailored to the respective application and specially designed to meet the diverse requirements of the battery industry. A wide range of housing and construction materials rounds off the variety for use in battery production.

Herding FLEX

The flexible type series

Herding RESIST

Easy cleanability, high pressures and large product loads


Easy to clean and available in different material diversity


Fire and explosion protection

The composition, particle size distribution and specific explosion characteristics of the various particulate materials in chemical often require a protection concept tailored to the application due to the resulting explosion hazard.

Herding® Filtertechnik provides the user with a wide-ranging portfolio of preventive and constructive safety technology for filter systems. From advice and selection of the appropriate protection concept to the safe and compliant design of the filter systems through to their installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Fire protection concept

Herding FLAMEBREAK is an object protection system for Herding filter systems with fire detection, detection and suppression to minimise damage in the event of a fire.

1 Fire detection
With a detection cable for both suction operation and when the filter system is at a standstill.

2 Fire alarm
With integrated control for the signal processing of fire detection with signal transmission:

  • Externally as a potential-free contact
  • Directly on site for visual and acoustic alarm signalling
  • For firefighting

3 Fire fighting
By automatically switching off the filter operation and releasing the extinguishing agent aerosol or argon (depending on the fire load).

Herding FLAMEDETECT can alternatively be used for fire detection and signalling if firefighting is to be carried out on site by the operator.

Heat detection
for fire detection

Aerosol generator
for fire fighting

Aerosol spread
during fire fighting

Explosion protection concepts

The Herding® sinter-plate filter as a rigid body is the only filter element that acts as a DustEx zone barrier, which means that there is no dust-explosive atmosphere on the clean gas side of the filter system.

In many applications, preventive measures are sufficient to ensure that explosions in the filter system are avoided. In addition, constructive explosion protection measures can be applied.

Preventive, primary measures

Avoid explosive atmospheres with passivation, inertization or process engineering decomposition Preventive.

Secondary measures

Avoid effective ignition sources in filter systems.

Constructive measures
  • Explosion-proof design for the maximum explosion overpressure in accordance with EN 13445
  • Explosion-proof design for the reduced maximum explosion overpressure in accordance with EN 14460 with measures:
    – Explosion pressure relief on the raw gas side (rupture disk)
    – Flameless explosion venting on the raw gas side (rupture disk with downstream quench element)
    – Explosion suppression
  • Aditionally with measures for explosion decoupling at the interfaces of the filter system (raw gas line, clean gas line, dust discharge)

Battery production

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Special designs

  • Customer-specific material specifications, e.g. stainless steel
  • Wear protection against mechanical or chemical attack, e.g. hard facing layers, special coatings
  • Avoiding of deposits on components in contact with the product, e.g. by polishing or grinding

Dust discharge

  • Continuous or discontinuous systems, tailored to application and customer requirements
  • Examples: Rotary air locks, valves, screw conveyors, etc.

Vacuum systems

  • Central disposal of separated dusts in one filter unit
  • Central vacuum cleaning systems

Dust collection and duct work

  • Engineering, delivery and installation


  • Secondary filter, optional with Bag-In / Bag-Out
  • Herding SAFE CHANGE for safe dust discharge and disposal at the interface with highest frequency for the operator. Herding SAFE CHANGE with Bag-In/Bag-Out has been proven to meet high OEB standards


  • Additive for handling sticky dusts
  • Passivation to minimize the risk of fire and explosion of the dusts


Herding CONTROL HC 4.0 specifically adapted to the needs of filter technology PLC for more complex system solutions

Insulation / Heating

To avoid condensation in the filter system