Safe filtration in food production

The production of foodstuffs places special demands on filter systems in processes in which bulk materials, powders or other particulate products play a role. In addition to high separation performance, the focus is on hygiene and contamination-free product recovery.

Herding® filter systems meet these highest requirements. Finest particle fractions are reliably separated on the basis of pure surface filtration. Long service life, lowest clean gas values, absolutely constant operating conditions, maximum availability and energy efficiency are the key features of this innovative technology. If required, filter elements with corresponding foodstuffs approval according to the FDA and/or (EC) 1935/2004 (EU) 10/2011 are available and applicable.

Pure recovery through fiber-free filter medium

Protects valueable products

Energy efficiency due to low cleaning pressure

Constant operating conditions

Safety due to hygenic system design

Safe handling of sicky dust

Long service life


Sustainable filtration for all areas

Often even smallest product contaminants are the reason for rejecting complete production batches with high losses. The motivation for sustainable and efficient filtration in the food production therefore has many backgrounds. Pure product recovery, easy and complete cleaning as well as maximum separation performance are essential quality requirements for filter systems in food production processes. These measures are necessary to avoid bacteriological contamination of the product. Furthermore, the explosiveness of organic dusts requires safety concepts that are adapted to the individual application.

Herding® Filtertechnik enables maximum availability and safe plant operation in almost all processes that generate particulate emissions.

Production processes

  • Milling
  • Drying
  • Conveying
  • Tabletting
  • Bagging / Packing
  • Screening / Classifying / Sifting
  • Dosing / Weighing
  • Mixing
  • Silo venting
  • Product receiver


Herding Filtertechnik – pure productivity

Sustainable Filtration – „made in Germany“

From filter media to completely installed filter systems, the production chain starts with the manufacturing of the flter media and ends in the final assembly. The vertical range of manufacture ensures an extremely high quality standard and the greatest possible flexibility for customers worldwide.

Based on a well-planned modular construction system, a wide range of plant type series can be realized, individually customized to suit the specific applications and various demands of the food industry. A large variety of housing/construction and stainless steel materials rounds off a broad range of use in the food industry.

We also offer individual housing and interface design in compliance with hygienic design guidelines as well.

Herding FLEX

The flexible type series

Herding RESIST

Easy cleanability, high pressures and large product loads


Easy cleanability and material variety


Explosion protection on filter systems

The composition, particle size distribution and specific explosion characteristics of the various particulate materials in chemical production often require a protection concept tailored to the application due to the resulting explosion hazard.

Herding® Filtertechnik provides the user with a wide-ranging portfolio of preventive and constructive safety technology for filter systems. From consulting and selection of the suitable protection concept to the safe and ATEX-compliant design of the filter systems up to their installation, commissioning and maintenance.

The Herding Sinter-Plate Filter offers a unique advantage: It is the only filter element on the market whose rigid body acts as a DustEXZoneBarrier, which means that there is no dust-explosive atmosphere on the clean gas side of the filter system.

Explosion protection concepts

Preventive, primary measures

Avoiding explosive atmospheres by separating processes into sections with and without organic solvents.

Preventive, secondary measures

Avoiding effective ignition sources in filter systems. In many applications, preventive measures are sufficient to safely avoid explosions in the filter system.

Constructive, tertiary measures

Reducing the effect of the explosion event in the filter system

  • Explosion-proof design – Herding RESIST
  • Raw-gas side pressure relief, e.g. with explosion panel
  • Raw-gas side flameless pressure relief with suitable quenching devices
  • Clean-gas side flameless and smoke-free pressure relief – Herding FLAMELESS
  • Explosion suppression


Option of constructive, tertiary measures: Clean-gas side, flameless and smoke-free pressure relief

Food Production

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Vacuum systems

  • Central disposal of separated dusts in one filter unit
  • Central vacuum cleaning systems

Dust discharge

  • Continuous or discontinuous systems, tailored to application and customer requirements
  • Examples: Rotary air locks, valves, screw conveyors, etc.

Dust collection and duct work

  • Engineering, delivery and installation


Surface treatment

  • Avoiding of deposits on components in contact with the product, e.g. by polishing or grinding
  • Wear protection against mechanical or chemical attack, e.g. by hard facing layers, special coatings


Herding CONTROL HC 4.0 specifically adapted to the needs of filter technology PLC for more complex system solutions

Insulation / Heating

To avoid condensation in the filter system