Herding COMP

The Compact

Herding COMP – Compact filter unit series

Herding COMP filter units allow users to make an application-oriented choice regarding compact filter units for applications with limited space. This concept consequently implements the idea of compact and flexible filter units. Herding COMP filter units can be used for applications up to approx. 6,000 m3/h. The unique user-friendly design approach results in easy access for operation and maintenance from the front as well as the low profile of the unit.

  • The core of the filter unit are the Herding® DELTA or DELTA² sinter-plate filters which are integrated in one or two levels.
  • The upper part of the unit consists of the complete radial fan with integrated frequency inverter, the filter media, the Jet-Pulse cleaning and the electronic control.
  • The lower section of the unit in its simplest form consists of a discharge hopper with a dust collecting bin and a manual one-hand clamping device.

Options such as the Herding SPARKSTOP-A, an automatically cleaned, highly effective spark trap as a preventive measure or the Herding FLAMEBREAK as a completely integrated unit system for fire detection, fire alarm and firefighting measures round off the safety concept of the Herding COMP series.


Product and service range

Technical features

  • Herding® DELTA or DELTA² filter elements
  • Pure surface filtration on the basis of rigid-body filters
  • Highly efficient Jet-Pulse cleaning system withlow compressed air consumption
  • Robust, electrically driven radial fan with a frequency inverter equipped motor to ensure an energy and process optimized mode of operation
  • Integrated control cabinet with microprocessor for the control of all components
  • High-quality powder coating of the compacthousing
  • Variable positioning of the raw gas inlet connection; clean gas outlet optional at top or back of unit
  • Fork lift take-up for easy in-house transport


  • Constructive equipotential bonding of the filter unit
  • Integrated fire detection, fire alarm and firefighting system Herding FLAMEDETECT or Herding FLAMEBREAK
  • Herding PULSECOATER for products prone to adhesion and agglomeration
  • Herding MULTICOATER for the automatic and specific addition of filter additives
  • Highly effective automatically cleaned spark trap Herding SPARKSTOP-A
  • Flap at the dust discharge section for dust bin change during operation
  • Pneumatic dust discharge
  • Dust discharge in a bag which can be covered with a cap for dust-free disposal

Herding COMP

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