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SAFETY FIRST – without ifs and buts!

People are getting hurt – costs become existence-threatening

Operator obligations and protective measures

In the event of a fire or explosion, the operator is liable. In addition to the potential danger to people, one is also confronted with a significant economic risk. The theoretically conceivable protective measures in filter systems are almost unlimited. Here, one can quickly lose the overview and be overwhelmed with the implementation. However, this does not change the legal operator obligations, because “ignorance does not protect against punishment”.

For more than 25 years, Herding has been gathering experience in the field of fire and explosion protection. Not only through the operation of the filter units and systems in the field, but also through investigations and tests on test tracks. We bring our expertise to bear by working in committees of the VDI, VDMA, GDV in regulations and guidelines as the state of the art.

In cooperation with accredited institutes, we determine the safety-related parameters of dusts and evaluate them in terms of safe handling as combustible dust deposits and/or explosive dust/air mixtures in the filter systems.

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