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Herding PROCESS – Series of filter systems for highest demands

The Herding PROCESS series combined with the Sinter-Plate Filter is the first choice if highest demands on filtration performance meet maximum requirements on the housing design.

Herding PROCESS are high-quality welded constructions. They typically consist of the clean gas housing, the raw gas housing and the discharge system which are connected by defined flanges.

Various materials are available as material of construction for the casing, from carbon steels to common stainless steels, such as 1.4301, 1.4404 or 1.4571 as well as other high-alloy steel grades or aluminium alloys. The flanged design also allows material combinations as for example stainless steel only for parts in contact with the raw gas. Depending on the requirements profile, the engineering and manufacturing according to customer and project specifications can include for example gap-free weld seams, defined surface roughness up to polishing grades as well constructions with tightness quality of casing including testing, acceptance and documentation.

The product-contacting raw gas compartment is designed without internal stiffeners and therefore also GMP requirements will be fulfilled. Dead spaces and undercuts are avoided as far as possible, which prevents unwanted product deposits and allows easy and ergonomic cleaning if required (Hygienic Design). Manual or automated WIP options can also be integrated if needed.

The filter units of the PROCESS series are equipped with Herding DELTA, Herding DELTA², HSL, Herding BETA up to 160 °C or other Herding high-performance filter elements depending on the requirement profile. The arrangement of the filter elements allow after opening the plug type maintenance doors a free view into the lanes between elements. Hence, a direct inspection of the filter elements is possible.

The compressed gas reservoir for online jet-pulse cleaning of the filter elements is located on the outside what allows inspection during operation without the need to shut down the filter unit. It can be operated with compressed air, nitrogen or process gas, for example.

The safety concept in compliance with the applicable ATEX directives will be designed together with the operator customized to the actual demands.

The bottom section of the filter unit features the dust discharge. This can be designed individually depending on the application and customer requirements. In its simplest form, it consists of a discharge hopper with dust collection bin. Of course, other systems like rotary valves, screw conveyors, flap systems, pneumatic or customer-specific discharge systems can also be adapted.


Product and service range

Technical features

  • Constant operating conditions due to pure surface filtration with the Sinter-Plate Filter
  • Highly efficient and easy to service Jet-Pulse cleaning systems with energy-optimized compressed gas consumption
  • Maintenance doors as displacers with extremely strong stiffening – no excaping of dust
  • All housing stiffeners located on the outside
  • Avoidance of internal dead spaces and undercuts
  • GMP-compliant design as required (Hygienic Design)
  • Tightness quality of the casings including measuring method and documentation as required
  • Internal flow distribution for energy optimization, effective pre-separation and sedimentation
  • Ergonomic accessibility to all relevant components
  • Project-specific design of the dust discharge system


  • Large portfolio of casing materials and selection in coordination with the Herding Engineering department
  • Constructive equipotential bonding / avoidance of effective ignition sources of the filter units
  • Constructive explosion protection by means of explosion relief or explosion suppression
  • Numerous options for connection to the dust discharge flange
  • Individual design of flanges and hole patterns