Mechanical metal working

Metal fine particulates reliably separated

Highly efficient filtration is essential in the mechanical processing of metals and the resulting emissions. Especially, the occurring fine particulates pose increased risks for the health of the operating personnel. In addition, the contamination of processing machines, workplaces and the product to be processed causes considerable impairments and potentially high costs.

The Herding® Sinter-Plate Filters base on pure surface filtration and combine very high separation efficiency with unparalleled durability. It thus meets the high demands on the filter technology used in this field and sets equal standards compared to conventional filter media. In combination with an effective dust collection, humans, machine and the surroundings are protected sustainably from harmful emissions. Along with the enormously high service life of more than 15 years, depending on the process, Herding® filter media generate absolutely constant operating conditions and thus makes a valuable contribution to work safety and environmental protection.

Long service life

Constant operating conditions

Energy efficiency due to low cleaning pressure

Pure air and clean gas due to lowest clean gas values

Compact design

Active health protection by safe separation

No wear resistant to abrasion



Reliable filtration during metal working processes

The manifold characteristics of the emissions from mechanical metal processing essentially depend on the respective machining process. In addition, the processing of e.g. normal steel, stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised sheet metal and cast materials can generate flammable and/or explosible dusts. Furthermore, combinations of different material pose the risk of chemical reactions inside the filter unit.

Proven option packages of Herding filter systems are available to set up an optimum system configuration to provide separation at constant operating conditions in all types of mechanical metal processing. Highly effective spark arrestors specifically scaled to the air flow can be integrated in the units. This warrants without restrictions the reliable separation of existing sparks as well as fine particulates.

Production processes

  • Turning / Drilling / Milling / Dry processing
  • Manual grinding stations
  • Spring grinding
  • Belt grinding
  • Brushing / Deburring
  • Blasting
  • Polishing


Herding COMP

The compact filter unit for limited space

Herding FLEX & Herding SPARKSTOP

The flexible series with spark arrestor


Object protection for Herding filter units

Herding FLAMEBREAK is an object protection for Herding filter units in compliance with VdS 3445 – Fire protection in dust extraction units, datasheet for loss prevention.

The fire in the filter unit is detected and reported using Herding FLAMEDETECT. Next the equipment for firefighting is triggered. Task of the SAFETY CONCEPT is the damage minimisation in case of a fire event.


Sticky and flammable dusts increase the requirements for a filter unit for reliable dust separation. The dosed addition of suitable additives into the filtration process can both lower the risk of clogging of the filter media and reduce the flammability of dusts.

Herding MULTICOATERS are pneumatically driven dosing devices for quantity-controlled addition of additives in the filtration process.

The additive added during PRECOATING for protection of the filter media prevents the direct contact of the sticky, damp and oily dusts and vapours with the filter surface and thus its clogging.

During PASSIVATION the addition of an additive reduces the flammability of the dusts. Dispersive and adsorptive acting substances support the removal of liquid and gaseous components from the exhaust.

Mechanical metalworking

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