Herding stands for the WE of all employees

WE at Herding are a deeply connected team and have a completely unique way of solving problems together

Pragmatic. Unconventional. Together. Consistent. #NOISSUE

We have been doing it this way since the company was founded, not just since it became a trend in companies under terms like “NewWork – Agile – Digital Transformation”. The way we work at Herding and the way we work together is crucial. In plain language, this means:

  • Focussing on adding value for our customers
  • Solving problems is more important than responsibilities
  • Making quick decisions across departments as a team
  • A good idea is worth more than a position in the hierarchy
  • Taking responsibility by yourself is better than waiting for others to make decisions
  • Voluntary commitment to the subject moves more than stubborn task fulfillment
  • Sustainability is #NOISSUE for us … but the core of the company