Herding FLEX

The Flexible

Herding FLEX – The flexible series for all industries

With the Herding FLEX series, all proven advantagesof pure surface filtration with the Herding® Sinter- Plate Filters are implemented in a compact and space-saving manner. The filter unit series is extremely flexible for volume flows of approx. 500 m3/h up to several 100,000 m3/h.

The filter units of the FLEX series are equipped with vertically installed Sinter-Plate Filters. Depending on the requirements, Herding® DELTA, DELTA2 or HSL filter elements are being used. Unit safety and performance according to the current ATEXguidelines are coordinated with the unit operator, if required.

The upper part of the filter unit consists either of an integrated fan unit or as a simple housing cover with external fans. The outlet of the clean gas can be designed very flexible, ranging from a simple discharge opening through a discharge grid, to various connection possibilities (flange, beading, smooth) to standardized or individual clean gas ducts.

The Herding Sinter-Plate Filters are the centerpiece in the central part of the filter as well as the interface to the raw gas inlet and the integrated Jet- Pulse cleaning with compressed air supply tank and the integral solenoid valves. All components that are relevant for maintenance are easily accessible from the front side.

The lower end of the unit is formed by the dust discharge. It can be designed individually, according to the particular application and customer requirements. In its simplest form, it consists of a discharge hopper with a dust collecting bin. There are also rotary air lock feeders, screw conveyors, flap systems, pneumatic discharge systems or various customized discharge systems adaptable.


Product and service range

Technical features

  • Constant operating conditions by surface filtration
  • Highly efficient cleaning system at a low and energy-saving consumption of compressed air
  • Maintenance doors as displacers with extremely stable stiffening – no escaping of dust
  • Separate valve compartments for the inspection of the dedusting-system during operation
  • Project-specific design of the dust discharge
  • Flow guidance for energy optimization, effective pre-separation and sedimentation
  • Access to all relevant components from the front side
  • Due to the modular design, operating volume flow rates can be up to several 100,000 m³/h


  • Constructive equipotential bonding of the filter unit
  • Integrated fire detection, fire alarm and fire protection system Herding FLAMEDETECT resp. Herding FLAMEBREAK
  • Herding PULSECOATER for adhesive products and products tending to agglomerate
  • Herding MULTICOATER for the automated and targeted addition of filter aids
  • Highly effective automatically cleanable spark pre-separator
  • Flap on dust discharge for container change during operation
  • Pneumatic dust discharge
  • Dust discharge with lid bag for low-dust disposal

Herding FLEX

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