Herding RESIST

The Pressure Resistant

Herding RESIST – Reliable and safe filtration through cylindrical design

For processes with very high demands on pressure resistance and easy cleanability

Herding RESIST characterizes the round design with the Herding filter unit portfolio. With the Sinter-Plate Filter as its core, the proven properties of pure surface filtration optimally combine with the required features and advantages of a round geometry.

Round filter systems are used in numerous areas of industrial filtration and separation technology due to a wide variety of process requirements. Often the occuring operating pressures demand a round design. Whether for high vacuums, e.g. in total separators on pneumatic suction conveyors, or for high process-related overpressures, round vessels offer considerably more safety already due to their geometry.

Moreover hygienic aspects are also a key factor for choosing a round casing. Low dead space designs, defined surface roughness, optimum flow properties and thus the best possible cleaning options serve to avoid uncontrolled deposits, possible germ formation and the risk of cross-contamination with other products. If required, manual or automated WIP options are also available.

Last but not least the requirements from explosion protection come into play. Round vessels offer the possibility to meet a very wide range of relevant explosion characteristics if constructive explosion protection is needed. The safety concept in compliance with the applicable ATEX directives will be designed together with the operator customized to the actual demands.

Herding has the complete in-house production of the variously equipped round filters in accordance with the EN 13445 regulations. This includes designing, testing and proof of the quality characteristics. This means that project and process-specific design is always possible at any time in close coordination with the customer.

The Sinter-Plate Filters are typically installed vertically in the filter units of the Herding RESIST, but designs with horizontally installed filter elements are also possible.


Product and service range

Technical features

  • Constant operating conditions due to pure surface filtration with the Sinter-Plate Filter
  • Operating pressures from -1.0 to 11.0 bar (g) and explosion overpressures up to 15.0 bar (g)
  • Operating temperatures up to 450 °C with use of the Herding ALPHA filter
  • Highly efficient cleaning systems with low energy-optimized compressed gas consumption
  • Internal flow distribution for energy optimization, effective pre-separation and sedimentation
  • Easy access to all relevant components
  • Calculation of wall thicknesses and flanges according to pressure and temperature requirements
  • Design in 3D and definition of the scope of testing according to applicable regulations


  • Large portfolio of casing materials and selection in coordination with the Herding Engineering department
  • Constructive potential equalization / avoidance of effective ignition sources of the filter units
  • Explosion pressure shock resistant, explosion pressure resistant or flameproof design in accordance with applicable regulations
  • Tightness quality of casings incl. measuring method and documentation as required
  • Various options for connection to the dust discharge flange
  • Individual design of flanges and hole patterns
  • Top part with bolted flange, clamp screws or adapted swivel device (davit arm)

Well rounded

Publication in the Verfahrenstechnik 06/2021


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