Seed treatment

Safe filtration of seed fine particulates

The refinement of seeds increases their value many times over and as a result makes them an extremely valuable product. A highly efficient separation and filtration technology is thus essential in order to highly effectively separate the resulting fine particulates and in addition ensure constant operating conditions. Moreover, additives that are hazardous to health and possible bacteriological contaminants require maximum protection of the employees.

The Herding® Sinter-Plate Filters base on pure surface filtration combines very high separation efficiency with absolutely constant operating conditions. It thus meets the high demands on the filter technology used in this field and sets equal standards compared to conventional filter media. It reliably separates even the finest particle fractions and achieves enormously high lifetimes of 15 years and more, depending on the process. Thereby the use of the Herding® filter technology provides a valuable contribution to the increase of productivity and sustainability.

Protects valueable products

Long service life

Constant operating conditions

Energy efficiency due to low cleaning pressure

Active health protection by safe separation

Compact design

Pure air and clean gas due to lowest clean gas values



Reliable dust extraction for all areas

The priority in seed processing is effective recovery of the high-quality seed from the original grain. Filtration and separation technologies are mandatory and therefore are used in all process steps of the seed treatment. The separation process require absolutely consistent extraction volume at the respective capturing points in order to secure reproducible results. Individually designed filter systems incl. efficient dust collection and high separation performance are equally indispensable in order to guarantee maximum worker safety. The Herding® Sinter-Plate Filters with uniquely high guaranteed lifetimes and absolutely constant operating conditions cover all the processes of the seed preparation highly efficiently and reliably.

Production processes

  • Threshing
  • Cleaning
  • Preparing, Priming
  • Pelletizing / Granulating
  • Coating
  • Packaging


Herding Filtertechnik – pure productivity

Sustainable Filtration – „made in Germany“

From filter medium up to completely installed filter units, the production chain begins with the filter media production and ends in the final installation. The vertical range of manufacturing in Germany guarantees our customers worldwide an extremely high quality standard and maximum flexibility.

A wide variety of system types is realised based on a sophisticated modular principle, which can be individually tailored for the respective application case and is designed especially to the diverse demands in seed preparation. A large spectrum of housing and construction materials rounds out the range of variation.

Herding FLEX

The flexible type series

Herding COMP

The compact type series for limited space


Vacuum cleaner systems

  • Central disposal of separated dusts in one filter unit
  • Central vacuum cleaner system
  • Engineering, delivery and installation

1 Low energy consumption
2 Lowest emissions
3 Solid housing
4 ATEX-approved
5 Big dust bin
6 Powerful fan

Explosion protection during filtration

The composition, the grain size distribution and the specific explosion parameters of the different particulate materials in seed preparation often require due to the resulting risk of explosion a safety concept tailored to the application case.

Herding® Filtertechnik has a wide-ranging portfolio of preventative and constructive safety technology for filter units available for the user. From consultation and selection of the suitable safety concept, the safe and ATEX-compliant design of the filter units, up to their installation, commissioning, and service.

The Herding Sinter-Plate Filter offers here a unique advantage: As the only filter element on the market, the rigid body acts as a dust EX-zone barrier, whereby no potentially explosive dust atmosphere is present on the clean gas side of the filter unit.

Herding explosion protection concepts

Preventative, primary measures

Prevent potentially explosive atmospheres by the separation of the processes into sections with and without organic solvents

Preventative, secondary measures
Avoidance of effective ignition sources in filter units. In many application cases preventative measures are sufficient to safely prevent explosions in the filter unit.
Constructive, tertiary measures
Reduction of the effect of the explosion events in the filter unit

  • Raw gas side pressure relief, e.g. with explosion panel
  • Raw gas side flameless pressure relief with suitable quenching devices
  • Clean gas side flameless and smoke-free pressurerelief – Herding FLAMELESS
  • Explosion suppression system


Clean gas side, flameless and smoke-free pressure relief

Seed treatment

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