Herding OMIKRON – Freely adaptable

The new Herding OMIKRON element for low volume flows adapts to your needs! Filter geometry and connection interface can be tailored to any application. This allows for easy integration into new and already existing systems. Be free to choose the installation direction according to the requirements of your process. The surface coating of the OMIKRON elements can be applied either on the outside or the inside.

This results in maximum flexibility and pure productivity!


The rigid body of the filter elements is sintered from proven polymers. A high-performance coating allows pure surface filtration.


The geometry of the element offers a maximum of filtration surface even in small spaces. This is only possible because of the additive manufacturing of the sintering mould.  Even a lot size of ONE element is now economically viable.


During operation the filter can be cleaned effectively by compressed gas pulses.  Alternatively, it can be washed during product changes. The bright color of the element makes it easier to check the cleaning result.


All used materials comply with FDA and VO 1935/2004 as well as VO 10/2011 regulations. Therefore, Omikron is ideal for product separation in food and pharma applications. 


Germ-free operation can be achieved by sterilization. Omikron is therefore perfect for pure product separation.


Robustness, cleanability and sterilization ensure a long service life of the filter element.  This is how we provide pure productivity.


All OMIKRON elements feature non-chargeable properties. Additionally, a dissipative (antistatic) version is available. This ensures safety and performance even under demanding filtration conditions.