Herding OMIKRON – freely adaptable

The new Herding® OMIKRON element is a washable and sterilizable unibody filter element made of polyethylene. It is food compliant according to FDA and European guidelines as well as PFAS-free. This makes it future-proof and in line with upcoming regulations and legislation. A special feature is that the geometry and connection of the sintered rigid filters is freely adaptable.

Thanks to this parametric design, Herding® OMIKRON can be tailored precisely to any application and can therefore also be integrated into existing systems.

This allows maximum flexibility and pure productivity!

Wash- and sterilizable up to 121°C

Germ-free operation can be achieved by sterilization. Omikron is therefore perfect for pure product separation.

Food compliant*

All used materials comply with FDA and VO 1935/2004 as well as VO 10/2011 regulations. Therefore, Omikron is ideal for product separation in food and pharma applications.

* According to FDA and European directive

Compact unibody design

The geometry of the element offers a maximum of filtration surface even in small spaces. This is only possible because of the additive manufacturing of the sintering mould. Even a lot size of ONE element is now economically viable.

Durable, long service life

Robustness, cleanability and sterilization ensure a long service life of the filter element. This is how we provide pure productivity.

Resistant against hydrolysis and chemicals

All OMIKRON elements feature non-chargeable properties. Additionally, a dissipative (antistatic) version is available. This ensures safety and performance even under demanding filtration conditions.

Product recovery without contamination

The rigid body of the filter elements is sintered from proven polymers. A high-performance coating allows pure surface filtration.

Energy efficiency due to low cleaning pressure

During operation the filter can be cleaned effectively by compressed gas pulses. Alternatively, it can be washed during product changes. The bright color of the element makes it easier to check the cleaning result.


Sustainable filtration for all sectors

Strict hygiene requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries often make it necessary to regularly replace disposable filters made of paper or textiles to prevent the formation of bacteria. Herding® OMIKRON can be washed or sterilized after product contact or when changing products to make it germ-free again. Therefore it can be used repeatedly while greatly reducing operating and disposal costs.

The fiber-free sintered unibody allows contamination-free product recovery, for example in the case of pneumatic conveying or in industrial vacuum cleaning systems.





Vacuum cleaner



metal working




Herding filter technology with pure surface filtration


NFC (Near Field Communication)

  • NFC tag inside
  • Readable with any smartphone
  • Simple spare parts procurement
  • Monitoring of production (washing processes, material, etc.)

NEW PE-coating

OMIKRON filters and their microporous surface coating consist purely of polyethylene and are PFAS-free. Thanks to this new coating, OMIKRON has excellent chemical resistance and can be used in a wide range of pH values.

Additive manufacturing

The production of molds with a 3D printer enables a far greater degree of geometric freedom than conventional production. This allows us to provide a larger filtration surface inside a compact volume. The twisting also improves the rigidity of the filter.

Parametric design

Instead of a regular CAD drawing, an algorithm with a with a series of design rules is used to create the filter geometry. This enables a large number of complex design variations.


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