Herding filter elements – pure surface filtration

The variety of rigid body media

In almost all industrial sectors, Herding® filter elements based on pure surface filtration have proven themselves for decades in effective and safe particle separation, setting standards in the process.

Even with the finest particle sizes, energy-efficient recirculation is possible in most cases, proven even with toxic dusts. With the extensive filter media portfolio, operating temperatures up to 450 °C are safely covered.

Product portfolio

Find here an overview of the technical parameters of our filter media.


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Direction of installation

Depending on the individual application and process requirements horizontal or vertical installation is possible.

1 Clean gas-side installation
Installing the filter elements from the clean gas side enables optimal and clean access to the filter elements and provides highest possible protection for the personnel.

2 Raw gas-side installation
Installing the filter elements from the raw gas side usually allows a direct and optimal revision of the raw gas area. It requires no additional height above the filter system for servicing the filter elements.

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Pure surface filtration

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