Dust extraction in the mineral industry

Safe separation of mineral dusts

The awareness for fine quartz dust has grown considerably in the mineral processing industry in recent years. Stricter standards and limit values are increasing the demands on filtration efficiency and safety. The Herding® Sinter-Plate Filter combines very high separation efficiencies with unparalleled wear resistance.

The Herding® filter technology bases on pure surface filtration. It sustainably protects man and machine from harmful production emissions, reliably separates even the finest dust fractions, and directly increases your productivity. Herding filter elements show extreme durability and, depending on the process, long service life times of more than 15 years. Thereby the filters make a valueable contribution to environmental protection and sustainability.

Long service life

Constant operating conditions

Energy efficiency due to possible recirculating air operation

Pure air and clean gas due to lowest clean gas values

Resistant to abrasion

Compact design

Active health protection by safe separation

Sustainable proven technology


Safe extraction for all areas

Particulate emissions containing silica are generated in almost all manufacturing processes in the mineral industry. This makes Individually designed filter systems including efficient dust collection for extraction directly at the source indispensable. With very long guaranteed service lives and absolutely constant operating conditions, even with abrasive dusts, Herding® filter systems with the Herding Sinter-Plate Filter elements cover the entire process cycle highly efficiently and reliably.

Production processes

  • Cut-off grinding / Sawing
  • Breaker / Grinding
  • Screening / Classifying / Sifting
  • Transport via conveyor belts
  • Pneumatic silo filling / bunker / Chutes
  • Drying
  • Weighing / Mixer
  • Bagging / Packing
  • Loading


Herding MAXX

For very high air flows

Herding FLEX

The flexible type series for all industries


A-/PM-4 Fraction

National and international standardization committees have harmonized the limit values for quartz fine dust emissions. The aim is to sustainably minimize potential personal exposure to respirable crystalline silica at the workplace. The fineness of the mineral dusts to be separated in particular, combined with their abrasive properties, sets high standards for filter technology.

Contrary to conventional filter systems based on depth filtration, the patented Herding® Sinter-Plate Filter enables pure surface filtration. This property is achieved by a filter-active coating with a PTFE layer that is homogeneously embedded in the surface of the robust rigid filter body. Abrasive mineral particle emissions as well as quartz dusts are reliably separated without damaging the filter-active layer.

Air recirculation suitability

Measurements by independent institutes have proved clean gas dust concentrations below 0.005 mg/m³ on Herding filter systems for the quartz fine dust fraction (A-dust fraction according to DIN EN 481). Thus confirms that thesesystems allow air recirculation when used for quartz fine dust.

The possibility to recirculate the cleaned air and the possible heat recovery make an important contribution to increase the efficiency and save energy.

Mineral industries

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