Filtration with the Herding filter technology

The filters from Herding Filtertechnik base on pure surface filtration. They sustainably protect man and machine from harmful production emissions and enable absolutely pure and contamination-free material recovery. This directly increases your productivity.

Lowest clean gas values, absolutely constant operating conditions, highest availability and energy efficiency are key features of the innovative technology. Herding® filter elements show extreme durability and, depending on the process, long service lifetimes of more than 15 years. Thereby the filters make a valueable contribution to environmental protection and sustainability.

Herding® filter elements have proven themselves for decades in effective and safe particle separation in almost all areas of industry. Energy-efficient air-recirculation is possible in most cases also for finest particle sizes, proven even with toxic dusts. Numerous applications can be covered in a temperature range of up to 450 °C.

Long service life

Constant operating conditions

Energy efficiency

Clean air and pure gas due to lowest clean gas dust levels

Compact design

Product recovery without contamination

Resistant to chemicals


Herding Filtration Technology

with pure surface filtration

Magnification x 100; 500 µm = 0.5 mm

Structure Sinter-Plate Filter

Effecitve product separation
The particle spectrum to be filtered is separated on the surface. No affinity to store fine particles in the filter body.

Surface coating
Microporous layer, homogeneously embedded in the filter surface.

Filter matrix
Herding DELTA, PRO, HSL: Sintered PE (polyethylene)
Herding BETA: Sintered PPS (polyphenylene sulfide)
Herding ALPHA: Clay with ceramic binder

Pure surface filtration

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