Laser processing

Safe extraction of fine metal dust and fumes

The laser processing of metals by cutting, welding, marking or structuring generates fumes that consist of a large number of toxic aerosols and gases as well as fine dusts of the respirable fraction. These cause significant health hazards for the operating personnel and, last but not least, damage and contaminate the laser optics, aggregates and the product to be processed. This results in high standard for the filter technology in this area.

The Herding® filter systems work on the principle of pure surface filtration. They have been proven to reliably separate even the finest dust fractions. Combined with an effective fume capturing, this sustainably protects man, machine and the environment from harmful emissions.

Herding® filter media generate absolutely constant operating conditions, show extreme durability and, depending on the process, very long service life exceeding more than 15 years. Thus, using the Herding® Sinter-Plate Filter makes a valuable contribution to occupational safety and environmental protection.

Long service life

Constant operating conditions

Energy efficiency due to low cleaning pressure

Pure air and clean gas due to lowest clean gas values

Compact design

Active health protection by safe separation

Sustainable proven technology



Safe filtration for all laser-based processes

Laser-based processing and machining of metals require various cutting, welding and/or marking processes as well as diverse laser technologies. The characteristics of the emissions to be removed depend essentially on the laser technology and laser power. Furthermore, the processed sheets or metal structures may be contaminated by oil or residues of deep-drawing greases for example. The resulting emissions have fine particle size distributions and often show sticky and combustible characteristics.

The option packages of the Herding filter systems enable to set up the optimum system configuration for the reliable separation under constant operating conditions and are used for all types of laser metal processing. Highly effective spark pre-separators specifically scalable to the air volume can be integrated into the systems. This warrants the safe removal of the existing sparks as well as the fine dust without any restrictions.

Production processes

  • Lasercutting
  • Laserwelding
  • Extraction of welding fumes (welding robot)
  • Extraction welding stations


Object protection for Herding filter systems

Herding FLAMEBREAK is an object protection for Herding® filter systems in accordance with the VdS-Bulletin 3445 „Fire Protection in De-Dusting Systems“. Fire in the filter system is detected and signaled by Herding FLAMEDETECT. Subsequently the fire fighting equipment is triggered. The SAFETY CONCEPT shall minimize damage in the event of fire incident.

Herding COMP

The compact filter system series for limited space

Herding FLEX & Herding SPARKSTOP

The flexible series with spark pre-separator


Herding FLAMEBREAK safety concept

Fire detection
A detection cable detects the fire during both operation and stand still periods of the filter system.

Fire alarm
The control system of the fire protection system processes the signals from the fire detection, triggers the fire fighting equipment and forwards the alarm to the higher-level external system (as potential-free contact).

Fire fighting
The automatic fire detection, fire alarm and fire fighting enable the successful extinguishing for a wide variety of dusts.



Sticky and combustible dusts increase the demands on a filter system for safe dust extraction. The dosed addition of suitable additives to the filtration process can both reduce the risk of sticking of the filter media and reduce the combustibility of dusts.

Herding MULTICOATERS are pneumatically operated dosing devices for the quantity-controlled addition of additives into the filtration process.

PRECOATING creates a protective layer on the filter media. This prevents the direct contact of sticky, moist and oily dusts and vapors with the filter surface and thereby the clogging of it.

During PASSIVATION the addition of an inert powder reduces the combustibility of dusts. Dispersive and adsorptive substances support the removal of liquid and gaseous components from the exhaust air.


  • Increased process reliability
  • Dust-free filling
  • Easy installation
  • Reduction of fire hazard


  • MCI 55/1: Loading capacity 55 l
  • MCI / MCD 250 1-4: Loading cpacity 250 l for the supply of up to 4 filter systems

Laser-processing of metals

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