Wire drawing

Reliable dust extraction system

The process of drawing metal wires generates harmful production emissions such as metal dust, scale and drawing lubricant abrasions, which must be reliably extracted to sustainably protect man, machine and the environment.

The Herding® filter systems work on the principle of pure surface filtration. They have been proven to reliably separate even the finest dust fractions with a residual dust content of < 0.1 mg/m³.

The Herding® filter elements generate absolute constant operating conditions. They show extreme durability and, depending on the process, very long service life exceeding more than 15 years. Thus, by using the Herding® Sinter-Plate Filter a valuable contribution is made to occupational safety and environmental protection.

Long service life

Constant operating conditions

Energy efficiency due to low cleaning pressure

Pure air and clean gas due to lowest clean gas values

Compact design

Active health protection by safe separation

Sustainable proven technology


Safe extraction for all areas

During wire drawing the diameter of a metal wire is reduced in a tensile pressure reshaping process. To improve the adhesion of the drawing lubricant on the surface, the wire is first descaled. To achieve the desired final diameter the wire runs in the subsequent drawing process at high speed via single or multiple draws (drawing tool and drawing drum).

The dusts occurring from these production steps (metal dust, scale and drawing lubricant dust) must be separated sustainably and safely. A constant air flow is especially necessary if the wire will be additionally heat treated.

The drawing soaps used are frequently organic substances, which can lead to the risk of fire or in some cases the risk of explosion. Appropriate measures must be taken, depending on the safety-related parameters. Modifications to the production processes can also make subsequent adaptations such as the integration of fire or explosion protection, necessary.


Herding Filtertechnik

From self-developed filter medium up to completely installed filter system, the product diversity from Herding® covers the full spectrum.

The outstanding vertical range of manufacturing in Germany guarantees an extremely high-quality standard and maximum flexibility for customers worldwide. A wide variety of system types is realised based on a sophisticated modular principle, which can be individually tailored for the respective application case.

Herding FLEX

The flexible type series

Herding COMP

The compact filter unit for limited spaces


Herding FLAMEBREAK safety concept

Fire detection
A detection cable detects the fire both during operation and during standstill of the filter unit..

Fire alarm
The signal processing of the fire detection, the signal transfer to the fire fighting and the alarm forwarding externally (as potential-free contact) is done through the control system of the fire alarm.

The optical and acoustic alarm is located directly on the filter unit. If necessary, automatic shut off is done, as well as the release of extinguishing agent for firefighting.

Fire fighting
In this manner a wide variety of dusts can be successfully extinguished with the automatic fire detection, fire alarm and firefighting.

In the presence of potentially explosive dusts, there are preventative andconstructive safety measures to choose from, which are individually adapted.

Wire drawing

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