Explosion protection on filter systems

Dust and solvents can be inflammable and explosive.

The composition, particle size distribution and specific explosion characteristics of the various particulate materials in chemical often require a protection concept tailored to the application due to the resulting explosion hazard.

Herding Filtertechnik provides the user with a wide-ranging portfolio of preventive and constructive safety technology for filter systems.

The Herding Sinter-Plate Filter offers a unique advantage: It is the only filter element on the market whose rigid body acts as a DustEXZoneBarrier, which means that there is no dust-explosive atmosphere on the clean gas side of the filter system.

Herding Filtertechnik supports you with decades of recognized expertise as a competent partner and provides you as the operator of filtersystems with a wide-ranging portfolio of fire and explosion protection measures. From consulting and selection of the appropriate protection concept to safe and compliant design of the filter systems to their installation, commissioning and regular inspections (maintenance).

Explosion protection on filter systems

Preventive, primary measures

Avoiding explosive atmospheres by separating processes into sections with and without organic solvents.

Preventive, secondary measures

Avoiding effective ignition sources in filter systems. In many applications, preventive measures are sufficient to safely avoid explosions in the filter system.

Constructive, explosion protection measures

Reducing the effect of the explosion event in the filter system

  • Explosion-proof design – Herding RESIST
  • Raw-gas side pressure relief, e.g. with explosion panel
  • Raw-gas side flameless pressure relief with suitable quenching devices
  • Clean-gas side flameless and smoke-free pressure relief – Herding FLAMELESS
  • Explosion suppression


Clean-gas side, flameless and smoke-free pressure relief.


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