Fire protection

Fire protection on filter systems

Herding FLAMEBREAK is an object protection for Herding filter systems in accordance with VdS 3445 data sheet (fire protection in filter units).

In case of a fire breaking out in the filter unit, the fire is to be detected with suitable sensors, reported externally and directly on site, and fought by introducing the fire extinguishing substance into the filter unit. The task of the fire protection measure is to minimize the damage in case of a fire hazard.

Fire detection
A detection cable detects the fire both in suction operation and during standstill of the filter system.

Fire alarm
The signal processing of the fire detection, the signal transfer to the fire fighting and the alarm forwarding externally (as potential-free contact) is done through the control system of the fire alarm. The optical and acoustic alarm is located directly on the filter system. If necessary, automatic shut off is done, as well as the release of extinguishing agent for fire fighting.

Fire fighting
The extinguishing agent matched to the fire load (dust and filter medium) is placed into the filter system to fight the fire.


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