Herding Filtertechnik Achieves EMAS Certification for Resource-Efficient Environmental Management


Herding Filtertechnik has reached another milestone in its sustainable corporate development: the successful certification according to the European environmental management system EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). This accolade confirms Herding Filtertechnik’s commitment to resource-efficient environmental management and underscores the company’s dedication to harmonizing business and the environment.

The certification covers all aspects of environmental protection, ranging from energy consumption to the treatment of waste and emissions. EMAS ensures not only legally secure but also transparent implementation of these environmental aspects.

The European environmental management system EMAS goes beyond the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001 and is globally applicable. Serving as a voluntary instrument of the European Union, it emphasizes Herding Filtertechnik’s commitment to the highest environmental standards.

Through EMAS certification, Herding Filtertechnik demonstrates not only its commitment to environmental protection but also its social responsibility. EMAS-certified organizations, such as Herding Filtertechnik, not only contribute to minimizing environmental impacts but can also save costs, thereby sending a crucial signal for sustainable and responsible business practices.

The EMAS certification positions Herding Filtertechnik as a pioneer in the field of sustainable environmental management. Customers and partners can rely on products and services from Herding Filtertechnik meeting the highest environmental standards. For further information about the EMAS certification and the corresponding environmental statement, you can download it here.