Proven safe filtration of fine dust


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Both in the production of ceramic raw materials and in the manufacturing of tiles, tableware and sanitary ceramics through to technical ceramics and heavy clay ceramics – the valid and constantly evolving occupational health and safety regulations stipulate the efficient collection and filtration of particle fractions, particularly in areas where carcinogenic fine quartz dust and other fine dusts are emitted.

Increasingly stringent standards and limit values are raising the requirements for separation efficiency and the safety of filtration technology. The Herding® sinter-plate filter combines very high separation efficiencies with unrivalled wear resistance.

Herding® filter technology based on pure surface filtration protects man and machine from harmful production emissions in the long term, reliably separates even the finest dust fractions and contributes directly to increasing your productivity. Herding® filter media have an extremely long service life and, depending on the process, can achieve service lives of more than 15 years. Their use therefore makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection and sustainability.